Mold Remediation

The presence of mold is certainly a concern. With thousands of types of mold, it’s critical to the health of everyone within the building to identify the severity of mold and have a professional like Valor Technologies to remove the health hazard.

Valor Technologies is well trained and highly experienced in the removal of indoor air contaminants. We are called upon from various high traffic buildings such as schools, hotels, government office buildings and retail facilities. Each project is led by experienced personnel, well versed in mold remediation. We follow the State of New York, City Department of Health and the EPA guidelines for mold removal.

These guidelines ensure the safety and security of our workers, the property and the people who pass through the building each day. Valor Technologies begins the process by defining and containing the area with the mold. We use our specialized engineering controls in order to create a negative air pressure. The Valor team removes the drywall and ensures the safety with plastic bags.

Our clean up is highly effective and sanitary, using EPA registered chemicals. Once complete, the area is left to fully dry and is later sprayed with anti fungicide to prevent the reoccurrence of mold in the affected area. We do our best so you can focus on what matters most.


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