Universal Waste


Valor Technologies makes every effort to ensure that all equipment is appropriately assigned to the right job within sensitive industries such as healthcare and retail.

In addition, we make universal waste removal and recycling part of every project.

All environmentally sensitive items are carefully removed from the jobsite and are properly removed, packaged, transported and disposed based on the EPA and local government regulations.Items and services include but not limited to:

  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Light bulbs
  • Ballasts
  • Mercury switches
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Animal and aviary feces
  • CFC’s from air conditioners and chillers

 Valor Technologies also makes every effort to recycle materials as much as possible.

We remove any unwanted electrical equipment and work with e-Scrap Technologies on the recycling efforts. We have chosen to work with e-Scrap Technologies for many of our electronic recycling needs due to the Company’s zero landfill policy. Our goal is to ensure the reuse of any materials possible for an environmentally friendly world.

We also work with many other companies to ensure the reuse of other items such as concrete recycling or CFC refrigeration fluid recycling.

Valor Technologies provides you with all of the necessary paperwork and certificates for recycling, disposal and destruction.


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