Lead Abatement

The presence of lead in a public, commercial, manufacturing or industrial building can be harmful to workers especially when repairing or removing old equipment or even the infrastructure of a building. Valor Technologies understands the implications of lead exposure during welding, demolition, scraping or torching.

Valor Technologies is frequently called upon to help in situations when lead abatement is necessary. Our experts in lead abatement will analyze your current situation and develop a solution to safely remove the lead from your premises. Once we remove the lead-containing materials we seal the surface that contained the lead and prepare the area to be refinished in a non-lead based material.

We have managed projects in the removal of lead from older equipment and various demolition projects.

                        “Valor Technologies understands what the ultimate goal is for the client. We  

                         develop a plan that takes into consideration the safety of the workers, EPA,

                         OSHA and the best way to remove the lead in a way that has minimal     


                                      Alex Foracappa, president

                                      Valor Technologies

Once we remove the lead from the equipment or demolition project, Valor Technologies packages the waste in secured 55 gallon drums. The drums are removed and brought to an EPA approved landfill for safe disposal. All packaging and transporting is always in compliance with the Illinois Department of Local Health, the EPA and OSHA. We prepare the right documentation for proper record keeping and in compliance with the EPA and OSHA regulations.

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