Asbestos Abatement 

Any time Valor Technologies is awarded an asbestos abatement project, we begin with conscientious planning. It’s important that we ensure our worker’s safety, client liability and minimize disruption in the workplace. Our clients can entrust Valor Technologies to secure the area, ensure containment, removal and proper disposal of asbestos.

Many schools, hospitals, commercial and industrial buildings that may be cleaning or renovating uncover a positive result for asbestos during testing. It is vital to identify the size of the area so we can focus our efforts in the areas that require our expertise in asbestos removal.

Our team of experts at Valor Technologies work to develop a comprehensive Workplan that clearly defines each step within the asbestos removal process. Concentrating on cleaning only the affected areas, we provide a timeline ensuring a safe and fast removal of asbestos in order for you to continue with your project.

Once we have completed the removal of the asbestos from the property, you are now ready for quality testing. We understand that meeting the criteria of the EPA is vital to your project and getting the project back working again. You can count on us to make it happen.

Valor Technologies and all of its workers are fully trained, IDPH-certified and adhere to the regulations of OSHA for worker protection.. The Company and its workers are licensed by the State of Illinois, State of Minnesota, State of Indiana, State of Ohio and the State of Wisconsin.

We uphold the strict guidelines and procedures set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA with utilizing leak proof plastic, labeling and packaging for transport. We are also in accordance with the IDPH regulations for Public and Commercial buildings. Valor Technologies adheres to the Illinois Department of Transportation IDOT rules and regulations set forth for transporting the collected asbestos to an EPA landfill.


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