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Our Story

Valor Technologies was founded in 1999 to serve as a provider of environmental hazardous waste removal for government, commercial, and industrial sectors across the Midwest. While we perform a wide array of services, our highly sought-after specializations include the containment, removal, and cleanup of asbestos, lead, hazardous materials, and mold remediation. For comprehensive services, Valor Technologies pairs our specializations with experienced floor removal and floor preparation along with universal waste recycling

What We Offer

Valor Technologies is a customer focused minority enterprise that is fully insured and bonded to perform work in Illinois and surrounding states.

Over the years, Valor Technologies has performed every job with a commitment to excellence. Time and time again this commitment has led to outstanding feedback from our client base, which includes schools, hospitals, government, commercial and industrial buildings as well as various other industries.

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Our Expert Team

Our skilled staff and experienced workers are union laborers who are IDPH certified and OSHA trained and licensed by the State of Illinois. All of our employees, laborers, and new hires adhere to background checks and E-Verify to ensure the safety and security of our clients and their customers. Our commitment to environmental safety is evident in every project with proven processes for containment, removal and disposal.

At Valor Technologies, we always adhere to guidelines set forth by the EPA and Local Department of Health for safe, effective results.

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We Provide The Best Service In Industry​

If you’re in need of specialty removal services for your industry, give Valor Technologies a call today. One of our customer-focused professionals will be standing by ready to help answer any questions you may have.

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